DJ Aaron didn’t mix well with his date – Finding The One

02 March 2020
Oh, Aaron – we were holding thumbs you’d find the one (also, a first girlfriend!), but alas.
FTO Ep11-8555

We’re not sure your matchmakers – and yes: your mom – did you any favours though. From the get-go, mommy had MANY opinions about what Aaron wanted.

That said, along with Jason and Lubi, their three choices for Aaron were very promising, and what followed was a pretty engaging session at Artjamming. With Aaron’s mom Jennifer pestering all of the ladies about their exes!

Meanwhile, Aaron and Lubi snooped around their homes.

Aaron’s love life has seemingly been stymied by his parallel careers as DJ/events’ organizer and photographer (look out for his brand Closure) – both are very solitary jobs. His key drivers in a perfect partner? “Commitment, drive, friendly and loving.”

Savannah’s stunning apartment (with a great view) ticked some boxes. Felicity, having moved from KZN to study, had an apartment that was hard to read, but their biological science books turned on Aaron’s intellect. Then there was Cassandra’s – cool, modern, and with added photography equipment.

Meanwhile, over in the decision corner, Aaron’s mom had a LOT to pick apart.

We all waited with bated breath to see who they’d settled on – and frankly we were shocked it was Savannah! The ensuing rendezvous did not go well at all…

Far from perfect, then… A note to Aaron’s matchmakers: Savannah clearly said she wasn’t into clubbing. Cassandra just wants to be young and fun, and they shared many of the same musical likes. Then there was the ACTUAL camera equipment!

We asked Aaron whose house had excited him. “Cassandra had a really amazing house,” he replied. “I loved the room and the camera gear. Really something I haven’t seen before.” What a missed opportunity!

While Savannah said she’s found “the two” in Cassandra and Felicity, Aaron wasn’t so lucky. When asked if he and Savannah has stated in touch, he said, “Sadly not. I did try contact her on Facebook.” She had not even responded to his friend request!

Chin up, Aaron. Some advice from us: don’t let mommy play matchmaker, get a sexy haircut, and look up when you’re DJing – the one might be on the dancefloor in front of you!

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