Dishing It Up

07 June 2017
The best bits from the coach’s mouths in the latest live show.
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Samantha (Sara Bareilles, “Brave”)

“You are brave. You look like Superwoman.” – Bobby

“When you stand on that stage and feel good about your gift you allow everyone else to feel the same feeling.” – Lira

“You’re daring, you’re drop-dead gorgeous, you are the queen of the Diamond-city. You are the queen of diamonds on this show.” – Karen

PJ (The Temper Trap, “Sweet Disposition”)

“Tonight you graduated as cum laude to rock star performer.” – Kahn

“I believe in you. The moment you started that song you were on point.” – Bobby

“Jy het you PJs afgetrek en jou partyjie skoene aangedraai [You took off your PJs and put on your party shoes]. He’s proved himself. Secunda: ek geniet elke sekonde [Secunda: I’m enjoying every second].” – Karen


Tender (Whitney Houston, “I’m Every Woman”)

“You know I’m one of your biggest fans. This house just went mad for you. You’re a born entertainer. Port Shepstone for life!” – Karen

“From the first note to the last note, you were telling us all you wanna win this competition.” – Kahn

“You excite me so much. You’re hungry and you show up. You pour all your passion on that stage. I believe in you 100%” – Lira

Luke (Phillip Phillips, “Home”)

“By far my favourite performance from you side.” – Bobby

“You’ve got a beautiful natural style about you, which is always better.” – Karen

“You were looking like you were having fun. Let’s keep outdoing ourselves.” – Lira


Craig (Panic! At The Disco, “Death Of A Bachelor”)

“Gosh Craig, you made me sit back and absorb that. You’re exciting to me.” – Lira

“You deserve to be on this show. That was some new-age swing you did there.” – Bobby

“Each year we’re looking for the next Freddy, the next John Legend, the next Roy Orbison, but they only come around every ten years. You’ve got that magic in your voice that they had.” – Kahn

Fatman (Meatloaf, “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”)

“Fatman: you are a reminder that dreams come true. You are a father of two, a teacher and you are here rocking that stage making your dreams come true.” – Lira

“This guy just breaks my heart then reads my mind. You’re one of the best entertainers I’ve seen.” – Karen

“You’re the superhero of the show because you tell everyone that you should never ever stop dreaming. And that’s why you are Captain Fatman.” – Kahn Morbee


Josh (Kings Of Leon, “Sex On Fire”)

“Your voice is on fire! If there was a Voice International, you would be my South African representative.” – Lira

“I think you are living proof of Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hours. You’re an expert in your field.” – Kahn

“He’d probably win The Voice International. He’s a phenomenal singer. I don’t have any words to describe your voice.” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

Caroline-Grace (Katy Perry, “Unconditionally”)

“Yaaaayyyy! There’s such a stillness in you now. I love your control. Superstar diva deluxe. Amazing performance.” – Karen

“You’re strong – you’re actually gorgeous and talented. My faith has been restored that girls get voted for.” – Lira

“Dit was baie mooi gewees [That was really beautiful]. Thank you South Africa for voting for Caroline. Can you please enter Miss South Africa as well?” - Bobbby

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