Cool Coach Quotes

26 May 2017
#TheVoiceSA coaches were on verbal fire in the first live show!
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Here are some of the choicest words the coaches had for the talent:



“You’re the heartbreak kid when you hit those high notes.” - Karen Zoid

“I’m not sure you’re human!” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

You left out the line, “Are we superstars?”, cause you are. A voice like yours comes around about every ten years.” – Kahn Morbee


“You’re a conundrum and an enigma at the same time.” – Lira

“He goes by the name ‘Fresh Freddy’.” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

“The entire human journey is wrapped in your voice - it sounds like wisdom.” – Kahn Morbee


“I can see you being sponsored by expensive perfume and shampoo!” – Karen Zoid

“Nobody puts baby in Zi-khona!” – Kahn Morbee


“Vetseun… Vetman? You just stamped your fat name all over that! Daar’s spoeg gespat [There was spit spit]. Kurt is proud of you.” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

“I saw the clown taking his mask off. That was beautiful. You were like the captain - your voice makes me feel safe.” – Karen Zoid

“Your story is very inspiring - thank you for inspiring kids through music.” – Kahn Morbee



“I love your swag. You’re mister swagalicious!” - Lira

“Music is part of your fibre. You are the most stylish person on this year’s Voice, hands down.” – Karen Zoid


“You’re a flippen nice guy. That transcends. God brought you back to the church to be here today.” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

“No matter what happens in life, never stop believing in yourself.” – Karen Zoid


“You’ve got the power to transport people to other places.” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

“I really hope to work with you - you have got what it takes to make it internationally.” – Karen Zoid


“You took my breath away. You reminded me of performances I’ve seen on the Grammy stage.” - Lira

“Jy’s freakin’ Afrikaans - I love it. Jy blaas!” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

“The world is your oyster. I can’t wait to see what happens to you. This woman is going to make it happen for herself.” – Karen Zoid

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