Containment Starts Earlier on M-Net

13 May 2016
Sci-Fi series Containment starts on M-Net 101 earlier than announced.

The all-new sci-fi drama Containment, penned by the writer of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, will start on M-Net 101 three weeks earlier than anticipated. The series will commence on Wednesday 18 May at 21:30.

Imagine a deadly, unknown virus, mysteriously spreading through a local hospital, possibly filled with innocent children, pregnant women and concerned relatives. Now imagine that same, deadly virus turning into an epidemic, oozing through Atlanta, forcing authorities to quarantine the city until a cure is found. Containment follows the story of this city-wide, urban quarantine, which promises to turn into chaos and mayhem in the not-so-distant future.

In the series premiere, we find Major Lex Carnahan (David Gyasi, Interstellar), who has quickly risen through the ranks of the Atlanta PD, trying to keep the peace on the streets. But Lex’s job becomes even more difficult when he learns that his long-time girlfriend Jana, (Christina Moses, Nikita), and his best friend and fellow officer Jake (Chris Wood, The Vampire Diaries), become trapped inside the cordoned area. 

Also quarantined in viral ground zero is pregnant, 17-year-old Teresa (Hanna Mangan Lawrence, Spartacus: Vengeance), separated from her boyfriend when the cordon comes down; Katie Frank (Kristen Gutoskie, Rookie Blue), an elementary school teacher, who brings her entire class of young children - and her son - to the hospital on a field trip; CDC researcher Dr Victor Cannerts (George Young, Casualty) the doctor who initially makes the controversial call to quarantine the area and is now racing to find a cure for the virus.

Outside of quarantine is Dr Sabine Lommers (Claudia Black, The Originals), leading the government efforts to contain the outbreak.

The sci-fi thriller is executive produced by Julie Plec (The Vampire Diaries, The Originals) with Game Of Thrones director David Nutter who also serves as the executive producer for the pilot episode.

Note: Due to the high age restriction of this series, there will be no daytime repeats.

More about the cast:

David Gyasi

(Major Alex “Lex” Carnahan)

David Gyasi stars as Lex Carnahan, a loyal and well-respected police major who is responsible for maintaining control after the deadly epidemic breaks out.

Gyasi starred in the critically acclaimed, Academy Award®-winning film, Intersteller, alongside Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey and Matt Damon. In 2012, Gyasi was seen in the Golden-Globe nominated film Cloud Atlas and in 2005, he starred alongside John Hurt and Hugh Dancy in the BAFTA-nominated film Beyond the Gates.

Gyasi has also starred on television: in the critically acclaimed, six-part series White Heat, and has made a guest appearance in season seven of Doctor Who.

Christina Moses

(Jana Mayfield)

Christina Moses stars as Jana Mayfield, a smart, strong-willed data recovery specialist who finds herself trapped inside the walls of the quarantine, and separated from her boyfriend, Major Lex Carnahan.

Moses has had guest-starring roles on the series’ Twisted, Nikita and Star Trek: Phase II. Her film credits include The Invention of Lying and Starship.

Chris Wood

(Jake Riley)

Chris Wood stars as Jake Riley, a young cop who finds himself trapped inside the hospital, where the deadly epidemic is discovered.

Wood starred as the vengeful, charming, Kai Parker in the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries. Prior to that, he had recurring and guest-starring roles on HBO’s Emmy®-winning series Girls, The Carrie Diaries, and Major Crimes.

Kristen Gutoskie

(Katie Frank)

Kristen Gutoskie stars as Katie Frank, a teacher who finds herself trapped inside the quarantine with her students and son.

Some of Gutoskie’s television credits include Rookie Blue, Breakout Kings, Aaron Stone and Vacation with Derek. She has also starred in two seasons of the hit British series Beaver Falls.

Claudia Black

(Dr. Sabine Lommers)

Claudia Black stars as Dr. Sabine Lommers, a Health and Human Services official who is leading the government efforts to contain the deadly outbreak that quarantines part of Atlanta.

Black is best known for her roles in the series Farscape and Stargate SG-1. She also had a recurring role on The Originals and has appeared in 90210, Haven and Rick and Morty. The actress’s film credits include Pitch Black alongside Vin Diesel, Rango alongside Johnny Depp and Queen of the Damned alongside Aaliyah.

George Young

(Dr. Victor Cannerts)

George Young stars as Dr. Victor Cannerts, a CDC researcher racing to find a cure for the deadly virus that quarantines part of Atlanta.

On the small screen, Young had a lead role in the critically acclaimed drama The Pupil, and his other television credits include Grace, a miniseries produced by HBO Asia. He also starred in the long-running British drama, Casualty.

Young has appeared in the international Bollywood film Jhootha Hi Sahi, starred in Final Recipe, alongside Michelle Yeoh and In the Room, directed by internationally acclaimed director Eric Khoo.

Hanna Mangan Lawrence

(Teresa Keaton)

Hanna Mangan Lawrence stars as Teresa Keaton, a pregnant teenager who finds herself trapped inside the walls of the quarantine, separated from her boyfriend Xander.

One of Australia’s most talented young actresses, Lawrence is best known for the regular role she played in the second season of Spartacus: Vengeance. Lawrence has also starred in the popular Australian series Bed of Roses. Her film credits include Acolytes, The Square, Lucky Country, Thirst, The Reckoning, Beyond The Reach and X. In 2016, Lawrence will star in Blue Dog, opposite Levi Miller and Jason Issacs.

Trevor St. John

(Leo Greene)

Trevor St. John stars as Leo Greene, a disgraced journalist who begins to suspect that there’s a conspiracy after the deadly outbreak in Atlanta.

St. John’s previous television credits include The Vampire Diaries, The Mentalist, and CSI: Cyber.

His film credits include The Grief of Others and Dark Skies.