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24 August 2016
Check out what's coming to M-Net Edge this September.
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Spring is around the corner and with it a host of new shows and seasons on TV's edgiest channel.

Check it out below.

The Red Road

Jason Momoa – the late, great Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones – is one of the leads in this New Jersey-set drama. Joining him are character actor Tom Sizemore and one of Grey’s Anatomy’s newer faces, Martin Henderson.

Watch The Red Road Season 1 every Monday at 19:00 from 5 September.

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Full Circle: Miami

An anthology show featuring a different writer, story and cast each season, the latest instalment takes us to Miami. However, don’t expect the sun and sand of something like CSI: Miami. Instead, this is a tale of politics and corruption, set inside a luxury hotel.

Watch Full Circle: Miami every Thursday at 20:00 from 8 September.


This six-parter takes place in Las Vegas and follows the antics of comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay, as he tries to resurrect his career.

Watch Dice Season 1 every Friday at 21:00 from 9 September.

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As a young journalist, Cameron Crowe spent time on the road of rock ‘n’ roll, following an up-and-coming band. He captured his experience in the acclaimed film Almost Famous. In the TV show Roadies he picks up the theme of life on the road, this time following a crew supporting a band.

Watch Roadies Season 1 every Wednesday at 20:00 from 14 September.

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Animal Kingdom

Another TV series based on a film, Animal Kingdom takes its inspiration from the Aussie film of the same name. The story focuses on a teenager who moves to California. Moving in with his a rag-tag bunch of relatives, he soon discovers that their lives are somewhat…criminal.

Watch Animal Kingdom Season 1 every Tuesday at 21:00 from 20 September.

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Tom Ellis is back as Lucifer Morningstar, the lord of the underworld who now lives and fights crime in LA.

Watch Lucifer Season 2 Express from the U.S. every Wednesday at 02:00 from 21 September and in prime time every Tuesday at 23:00 from 27 September.

High Maintenance

Husband and wife team Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld are behind this series about a nameless man who delivers marijuana to a collection of clients in New York City.

Watch High Maintenance Season 1 every Friday at 21:30 from 23 September.

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Fans of Sheriff Walt Longmire will be glad to tune into the fifth season of this crime drama.

Watch Longmire Season 5 Express from the U.S. every Sunday at 02:00 from 25 September and in prime time every Friday at 20:00 from 30 September.


The second season sees the time-travelling drama kick off in Paris and fans can expect plenty more romance, action and alternative history.

Watch Outlander Season 2 every Thursday at 21:00 from 29 September.

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