Coach Compliments

29 May 2017
The Voice SA coaches say the nicest things!
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Here are some of the best from the second live show.


Marissa (Aerosmith – “Pink”)

“To think that this girl didn’t make it past the Blind auditions last year – jy skuin [you shine].” – Karen Zoid

“There’s an awesome fluidity in your voice – it was sassy.” – Kahn Morbee

Bubbles (Bruno Mars – “That’s What I Like”)

“Bubbles, Bobbles – I’m still mad at you for not choosing me! You are so versatile – the magic about you is your amazing personality.” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

“You’re cool, you’re effervescent, you’re delicious, like the lyric: ‘Strawberry champagne on ice.’” – Kahn Morbee

“You make me happy when you’re on stage – I’m so proud of you.” - Lira

Luke (Lady Gaga – “Million Reasons”)

“Beautiful voice, such control – look at your coach: she’s falling apart! You’re such a heartthrob as well.” – Karen Zoid

“I think you’re on your way to greatness.” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

“I hate it when I cry on TV. Luke and I have been on a journey. You did so well tonight.” - Lira

Tender (Tina Turner – “Proud Mary”)

“What I loved about that was all these genres wrapped into one song. Amazing.” – Kahn Morbee

“I will never forget the day we turned for this chick. You’ve got such a rebel heart. You’re not rolling down the river; you’re barefoot waterskiing and doing flick flacks!” – Karen Zoid

“You brought the fire - you brought the passion.” – Lira



Josh (Survivor – “Eye Of The Tiger”)

“I know what your secret weapon is: people have fallen in love with nostalgia, and your nostalgic 80’s voice makes people feel safe.” – Kahn Morbee

“You are here to get your masters on The Voice stage – you are ready to take it to the next level.” – Lira

“If I had to describe your voice in two words: world class. Not a lot of people in the world could do what you just did.” – Karen Zoid

“How can anyone fault you on that performance? You are one of the best entertainers I’ve seen in my life. You just got your masters on the show. The world needs to hear your voice.” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

John James (Shawn Mendes – “Treat You Better”)

“You look so comfortable, you looks so good. All the girls in this room went absolutely crazy.” – Karen Zoid

“19-years old. You could be a South African version of a Justin Bieber. Be your youthful, vibrant self – that’s your niche right there.” – Lira

“You’re a no-brainer. I would be signing the cheques. You’re a certain bet.” – Kahn Morbee

Carletonville is trots op jou [Carletonville is proud of you]. You are incredible. Jy het guts. I’ll get you a deal after this!” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

Caroline-Grace (Sia – “Elastic Heart”)

“Wow Caroline: you have powerful vocal ability. I get a sense you’ve had to fight – I enjoy that passion. Use your passion. I think you have very far to go.” – Lira

“You have an elastic voice! I just wanna highlight the fact that this woman wants this. She is the nicest person on the show. If you’re backing her, you’re doing a good thing.” – Karen Zoid

“[To Bobby] What are you feeding your team? I don’t think you’re human.” – Kahn Morbee

“Jy’s an inspirasie [You’re an inspiration]. You just made a gap in the industry. You could win Miss South Africa. Ek is trots op jou [I am proud of you].” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

Marco (Ed Sheeran – “Castle On The Hill”)

“What I like about you is your sincerity – a singer is a messenger.” – Kahn Morbee

“I don’t think you’re geeky - I think you’re spectacular.” – Karen Zoid

“You’re just yourself. It’s refreshing.” - Lira

“You’re my favourite nerd in the world. And he is the nicest guy on this show!” – Bobby van Jaarsveld

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