Classic Veep Putdowns

26 October 2016
Cutting insults from Veep.
veep 5

Need a sharp comeback? Then look no further than Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ titular character, Selina Meyer, in Veep. With Season 5 starting on M-Net Edge very soon, now’s a better time than never to relive her most brutal moments. Don’t feel too sorry for the victims of her venomous tongue, though – those around her can be equally vicious.

  1. With your face, when you attempt to be charming, it really does come off as evil. – Selina Meyer
  2. If you want to get some cardio exercise you have to have a heart. – Selina Meyer
  3. I don’t have a sense of humour and neither should you. – Sue Wilson
  4. Hello, what do you want? You can’t have it. Goodbye. – Sue Wilson
  5. How do you suggest that I mingle with this few people? Did Simon mingle with Garfunkel? – Selina Meyer
  6. Why is that your hair? – Selina Meyer
  7. She has gone full-metal Nixon.  – Amy Brookheimer
  8. I fully support your decision to live as an ugly woman. – Amy Brookheimer
  9. I am the one who got us this far, you sentient enema. – Amy Brookheimer
  10. You're not even a man…you’re like an early draft of a man, where they just sketched out a giant mangled skeleton but they didn't have time to add details, like pigment or self-respect. – Ed Webster

If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know these aren’t even the most intense insults. Still too harsh for you? Why not try a few from The Big Bang Theory here?

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