Classic Christmas Moments on TV

25 December 2015
Merry Christmas!
mnet christmas lunch

Merry Christmas! We hope you’re all having a wonderfully green Christmas filled with family, friends and food. For some light reading to bring further festive cheer as you digest your mince pies, candy canes and gingerbread, cast your mind back to the myriad times you saw Christmas on TV.

Along with Halloween and Valentine’s Day, it’s a staple of practically every TV show – especially when it’s a sitcom! Take a look at these four classic Christmas moments, and head to Facebook and Twitter to share yours with us.

The Big Bang Theory

The moment Penny gave Sheldon the possibility of growing his own Leonard Nimoy was one of the best Christmas scenes on TV ever, never mind the entire series. After the exchange of gifts took place, its place in TV history was cemented when Sheldon moved in for the most awkward, yet sweetest, hug proving that not only do miracles still happen, but when it comes to gifts, it really is the thought that counts.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 is currently on a break, and will return to M-Net on 20 January at 20:00.

Modern Family

What’s Christmas without family, especially when it’s as modern as the Dunphy-Pritchett clan? The Season 5 Christmas episode which followed Jay and Manny’s fruitless efforts to chop down a tree had us in stitches, and reminded us that it’s best to go green and buy a fake one.

Modern Family Season 7 is currently on a break, and will return to M-Net on 20 January at 19:30.

New Girl

Christmas-haters are easy enough to come by at this time of year. In New Girl this Scrooge comes in the form of Schmidt, who makes things rather awkward for himself when he inadvertently tells Gina’s son he killed Santa.

Watch New Girl Season 4 from 18 January on M-Net City.

Grey’s Anatomy

Cast your mind all the way back to Season 2 when George, Izzie and Meredith were all together, celebrating and working during the festive season (like so many of us have to)! It also introduced many viewers to the idea of Chrismukkah, a mash-up of Christmas and Hannukah.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 12 is currently on a break, and will return to M-Net in February 2016.