Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan are Playing It Cool

10 February 2016
Five facts you didn’t know about Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan.
playing it cool

Chris Evans stars as Me, a screenwriter who has to write a romcom, in Playing It Cool. There's just one problem…he does not believe in love! He then meets Her (Michelle Monaghan) and has a change of heart. The two try to stay friends despite being mutually attracted to each other, with hilarious results

These two amazing actors have a lot of chemistry in the movie, but we wonder what they’re like in real life. Let’s check out some facts that you probably didn’t know about this duo:

  • Michelle Monaghan has a "Class A" driver's license, which means she can drive an 18-wheeler truck!
  • Before becoming an actor, Chris Evans wanted to be a painter.
  • Monaghan’s parents fostered twelve children over a period of twelve years.
  • Evans' fans call him "Dorito", because they think Captain America's suit resembles a Dorito.
  • Monaghan's favourite movies are Fargo, The Documentary, and A Woman Under the Influence.
  • Evans underwent therapy to cope with the fame attached to playing a Marvel character.
  • Monaghan is well-travelled. Her modelling work took her to Milan, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong.
  • Evans was dumped at his high school prom. We bet his date regrets it now!
  • Monaghan acted in plays during school. She says it kept her busy and didn’t anticipate making a career of it.
  • Evans claims to be a total mamma's boy”. He tells his mother everything, and we mean everything!

Make sure you don't miss the two actors in your Sunday night movie, Playing It Cool, on 14 February at 20:05 on M-Net...your Valentine's Day treat!