Chinese Movie Festival

02 December 2015
Butter your popcorn and kick back your feet this December, because M-Net Movies is making sure you stay entertained!
chinese movie festival

Butter your popcorn and kick back your feet this December, because M-Net Movies is making sure you stay entertained! Animation-lovers can tune into M-Net Movies Family for #MMAnimania, and join the Dubsmash fun here.

M-Net Movies Showcase has also got festivals lined up: The Best of Sunday Night, playing throughout December; as well as the Chinese Movie Festival in the festive month's first week. Check the latter out below:

Young Style

Wednesday 2 December at 22:05

Young Style is a coming of age tale set in Beijing. It follows the lives, loves and losses of high school students in the city, motivated by an impassioned yet tough teacher.


The Spring Festival Gala

Wednesday 2 December at 23:20

Sunday 6 December at 23:30

Every year China Central Television presents the Festival Gala to the global Chinese audience, hoping to bring the warmth of home to those abroad. 

Lee’s Adventures

Thursday 3 December at 21:45

Adapted from an online animated short, Lee’s Adventures follows the story of slacker Lee Xianje (played by Jackie Chan’s son, Jaycee). Thanks to a rare condition known as Temporal Dilation Disorder, which causes time to slow for Lee, he coasts through life playing video games.

Lee’s life changes when he meets Wang Qian, who has the same condition. However, when she is killed in a car accident, Lee will do whatever it takes to be reunited with the woman he loves, including turning to the mysterious time travelling power of a video game. 

The Roof of the World

Thursday 3 December at 23:20

Saturday 5 December at 23:45

A documentary directed by Zeng Hairuo, providing an in-depth look into the stunning environment of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the people who call it home.

Love Retake

Friday 4 December at 21:50

Superstar Zheng Zhi has picked his next movie – a project with an up-and-coming star, Nina Su. Work gets complicated when the director turns out to be Zheng Zhi’s ex-girlfriend Mandy, whom he dumped in favour of his career. 

Mandy, who's since made a name for herself in the US, gives Zheng Zhi a hard time on set, constantly demanding retakes and humiliating him in front of the crew. Relationships become even more entangled when Nina is pursued by an extra who believes she is his childhood sweetheart.


Searching for China’s Blue Hole

Friday 4 December at 23:35

Monday 7 December at 23:15

A captivating documentary that looks at undiscovered species living in the underwater caves in the Guangxi Zhang Autonomous Region in China.

Holding Love

Saturday 5 December at 21:45

After a month of marriage air hostess Zhou Jing and her husband Tao Xiaolei  decide to get a divorce. However, when they win a honeymoon trip they agree to take the holiday, provided each can do their on way. The holidays becomes get even more complicated when, after a night of drinking and gambling, Tao wakes up to learn that his ex-wife has been kidnapped.


Walking to School

Sunday 6 December at 22:00

In a remote village in southern China’s Yunnan province, Naxiang, the teenage daughter of a Lisu minority family, can only attend school using a rusty zip wire to cross a dangerous river. Naxiang’s younger brother desperately wishes to cross the river as well, which worries teaching intern Miss Nie. When tragedy strikes on the river, the community is propelled into action to ensure the children’s safety.


Meet the In-Laws

Monday 7 December at 21:35

Psychologist Fan Jianqiang travels with his girlfriend Su Xi from Shanghai to her home in Hangzhou, to meet her parents for the first time. Things get off to a rocky start when Fan realises that his prospective father-in-law is also one of his patients. 

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