Chicago, Chicago, Chicago

10 September 2019
Chicago Tuesdays got you talking!
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Every Tuesday you sit down to enjoy a triple threat of drama, action, and awesomeness with our ever so popular Chicago Tuesday line up! We asked you which Chicago show you would guest star in and why. Here's what you had to say:

Teneal Arran: "This is a hard one... I would say fire... Matthew and Taylor are there 😂"

Yep Teneal, with those two fine fighters, we don't blame you 😉

Venessa Matthews: "Have to be greedy and take all three...too difficult a guest I'll be! 😂"

It's ok to be greedy Venessa, there's enough Chicago greatness to go around!

Elsabe Joubert Dowling: "Fire - would love to meet Kelly!!!!!!"

We reckon Elsabe would make a great co-star and bestie.

Rhea Scott: "I love all 3."

We would definitely guest star on all three if the opportunity came up.

Tracy Naynar: "Fire 🔥 Casey and Severide!"

We give that one a major thumbs up. Team Casey and Severide all the way👍

Busiswe Cups: "Chicago Fire have a huge crush on the chief forgot his name."

We know you're talking about sexy Chief Boden, Busiswe. He is bringing the flames for sure 😍

Lee McAllister: "Definitely Fire.... So I could work with Severide. 💞🚒"

Working with Severide must be super cool. You're definitely gonna have your work cut out for you Lee.

Melissa St John: "No idea." 😃

It's ok Melissa, we would be starstruck too, just look at that amazing cast.

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