Celebrities That Went To High School Together

10 November 2016
Did you know that these celebs walked the hallways of high school together?

When Jacqui of Hermanna Rush stepped into the tank, she was prepared to stand before four perfect strangers and give the pitch of her life. Only four strangers, because she and Vinny actually went to high school together! Was Vinny always as suave as he is today, or was he the awkward boy with braces, glasses, and a bag much to big for his frame? We'll never know, and Jacqui will probably never tell, but these now famous faces were alums of the same high school in their high school careers, and some even in the same grade. 

Jessie J and Adele
Not only did these two powerhouse Brits with equally powerful pipes attend the same high school, they even used to have lunch together and jam together! Could there be anything more amazing than a Jessie J and Adele duet at 16? Yes, a Jessie J and Adele duet today. Please bless us, ladies!

Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dog
One is a Hollywood starlet, and the other is a music mogul, but once upon a time, they were just two plain kids roaming the hallways of Long Beach Polytechnic High School. As plain as stunning Cameron Diaz and a ponytail-wearing Snoop Dog could possibly be. Snoop was a year older than Cameron, but they still. remember each other from back in the day. 

Lady Gaga and Nicky Hilton
Both ladies attended, wait for it, a Catholic school in New York City! Of attending school with the younger hotel heiress, Lady Gaga said, "They very pretty, and very clean. Very, very clean." Clean, huh? Anyway, to quote the Red Hot Chilli Pepper, Catholic schoolgirls rule. 

Jack Antonoff and Scarlet Johannson 
Scarlet and the fun. guitarist are alums of the Professional Children's School of New York. Not only did they walk the hallways together, but they dated for a bit, and Jack apparently has written some songs about her.