CB20: Child Welfare

28 November 2010
Carte Blanche’s ‘Making a Difference’ campaign has raised over R74-million with the help of viewers and corporate sponsors. The campaign is largely known for equipment donated to paediatric surgery and intensive care units in several state academic hospitals. But we also assist certain child welfare organisations. We bring you an update on the Johannesburg Parent and Child Counselling Centre’s project in the North-West Province.
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In 2008, we brought you the plight of the children of Schaumburg, an informal settlement at Hartebeespoort in the North West Province. Many children around here come from child headed households, such as Ditebogo and his two brothers, abandoned by their mother. And Nthabiseng and her sister, Lerato, whose parents died of HIV/Aids.

[Carte Blanche 14 September 2008] Devi Sankaree Govender (Carte Blanche presenter): "If someone wanted to help you, how would you like them to help you?"

[Carte Blanche 14 September 2008] Ntahbiseng: "Take care of us and love us as their own children."

These children touched the hearts of viewers, and donations came pouring in after the show. There were also offers to take in the two sisters, says JPCCC director, Jacqui Michael.

[Carte Blanche 07 December 2008] Jacqui Michael (Director - Johannesburg Parent & Child Counselling Centre): "We had responses from a far afield as Cape Town in terms of people wanting to foster."

That's not the only good news the organisation received.

[Carte Blanche 07 December 2008] Jacqui: 'We had asked for one container for a preschool. We have received six.'

Three containers were donated directly to the JPCCC. The Carte Blanche Making A Difference Trust then used half-a-million rand from viewers to create a comprehensive pre-school. Nadia Evans

Nadia Evans, Corporate Fund Developer, showed us around.

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Nadia Evan: 'So, what Carte Blanche did here, with Making A Difference and Casper was re-fitted everything because it came as just a shell of a container.'

This allowed the organisation to exceed its dream of accommodating 40 children. The pre-school now houses 75 young learners. Nicholas Jaff of the Bright Kids Foundation along with the Coca Cola Foundation, donated a shipping container directly to the organisation. It's been remodeled into a classroom, called an Edu-tainer.

Nicolas Jaff (Chairperson: The Bright Kid Foundation): 'I mean the containers are steel units, they can be stacked seven high, these can last 35-40 years, there's minimal maintenance required. The unit can be reused, picked up and taken to where it's needed.'

Carte Blanche also donated another two containers - one is used as an ablution block and the other, a counselling centre and offices. Before these containers were delivered to the site, foundations were laid and water and electricity set up. Casper van Rensburg, from Harties Builders, ensured that the environment was transformed into a comfortable space for the children and social workers such as Helen Mahlase.

Helen Mahlase (Social worker): 'After Carte Blanche came here we made a huge difference to them. I mean, they have a place to play. It's a safe place. When their parents go to work, they know where their kids are. '

Mahlase is enjoying her new office, a far cry from the small space she once shared with three others.

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Helen: 'We used to have only one room for counselling, but now we having, at least we have two counselling rooms. The office made our work more professional.'

Thanks to her efforts, Ditebogo, Lebogang and Moeketsi have been reunited with their mother.

Helen: 'The three boys are now living in Limpopo with their biological mother and they are happy there.'

And Nthabiseng and Lerato are to be sent to their extended family in Kroonstad.

Jacqui: 'I don't think we can begin to say how grateful and how indebted we are to the Carte Blanche Trust and the Making A Difference campaign for the difference you have made in the lives of hundreds of children in this Schaumberg area that we find ourselves in. So we thank you for everything you've done to make a difference to hundreds of children and families so thank you to everybody.'

Producer: Leila Dougan
Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender