Buckle up for a triple FBI crossover on M-Net

11 July 2023
Buckle up for a triple threat crossover of the FBI franchise on M-Net.
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The FBI franchise continues to be exceptionally popular among viewers on M-Net, DStv channel 101. But what’s even better than stacked episodes of a fan favourite? An action-packed crossover that brings together the characters in an exciting and nail-biting three-part event, broadcasting on M-Net next Tuesday, 18 July, from 19:00.

The highly-anticipated crossover event, titled Imminent Threat, will centre on the abduction of a US architect – an event which appears to relate to a brewing terror threat in the US. The threat is so imminent that the agents across FBIFBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International all have to pitch in to prevent disaster.

The show kicks off with an explosive start in FBI: International, in which the abduction of the American architect takes place in Rome and FBI's Jubal and Nina join Forrester and his Fly Team in Italy. Then, the team follows the lead in FBI, with Maggie calling in Remy, whose well-connected informant from a prior case may be key to moving the operation forward. This will aid Scola in his undercover mission to find the terrorists believed to be behind the imminent attack in New York City. Then part three, in FBI: Most Wanted, sees the teams join forces to hunt down the fugitive terrorists as they get closer to carrying out a plot to destroy a major New York City landmark.

Here's why fans of the FBI franchise shouldn’t miss this epic crossover event:

  1. A sprawling plot. Jeremy Sisto, who plays special agent Jubal Valentine in FBI, shared in an interview on CBS News that viewers can look forward to a sprawling plot that is both exciting and emotional.
  2. Wedding bells! Part one opens with an explosive wedding before it all goes down “three months later”.
  3. A betrayal. Something unforgivable takes place between agents.
  4. It’s Big-Big. John Boyd, who plays Special Agent Stuart Scola in FBI and is in all three parts, shared that the third instalment builds to a climax that “is as big as it gets”.
  5. The stakes are high. It’s the biggest threat ever, with tens of thousands of lives at risk.
  6. Tough decisions. There is no black-and-white or right-and-wrong. The agents are faced with choosing the lesser of two evils at every turn.

Who will be key to closing the case? Will the teams manage to prevent massive loss of life? Tune in Tuesday 18 July from 19:00 to find out.

The FBI franchise is available on DStv Premium on M-Net (Channel 101) every Tuesday from 19:00, as well as live-streamed on the DStv App, and is also available on DStv Catch Up after broadcast. Join the conversation on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook using #FBIMNet.