Bizzare body movies

22 March 2022
Movies that pushed the limits of the body.

Kate Beckinsale takes on the role of a fun-loving, badass bouncer with a very bizarre intermittent explosive condition, in the action-comedy Jolt. The movie promises plenty of gags and action; but, before you tune in to watch it this Sunday on M-Net, let's look at some other movies where the lead characters had a bizarre body condition.


Bubble Boy

Remember this hilarious and charming movie about the boy without an immune system who lived in a bubble his entire life? To win the affections of his one true love, he embarks on a "dangerous" trip cross-country and meets some rather eccentric people along the way. Jake Gyllenhaal nailed the role and made us fall in love with his character and his character's newfound freedom.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Reuniting Brad Pitt with David Fincher, eight years after Fight Club, this movie tells an incredible story about a boy who ages backwards. It's one of Brad Pitt's greatest roles, providing fascinating insight into the concept of aging backwards. It also gave us a beautiful love story that brought tears to our eyes.


This psychological horror starring Nicolas Cage is about an obese man who has a deadly curse put upon him to excessively lose weight.  The movie dives into the psychological effects upon the character as he suddenly and mysteriously loses weight. It's an eerie and thought-provoking movie and a must-watch for fans of Stephen King, who wrote the book on which the movie is based. 

Hollow Man

Kevin Bacon plays a deranged scientist who becomes invisible after a lab experiment goes horribly wrong. The movie cleverly looks into the dark side of what one can become capable of if possessed of the power of invisibility. It's inspired by H.G. Wells's novel The Invisible Man. In 2020, another inspired adaption was released, starring Elisabeth Moss.

Ready for explosive action? Catch your Sunday Night Movie Jolt on 27 March at 21:00 on M-Net 101.