Blindspot Season 1 Starts on M-Net

14 October 2015
Wednesday nights on M-Net are jam-packed with great comedy and thrilling action, the latter coming to you in the first season of Blindspot.
blindspot season 1

Wednesday nights on M-Net are jam-packed with great comedy and thrilling action, the latter coming to you in the first season of Blindspot.

Tongues have already started wagging about the brand new show, which is why we’re making sure you’re prepared for the Season 1 premiere.

Here are five things you need to know about Blindspot Season 1, before tuning into M-Net for Episode 1 at 20:30 on Wednesday 14 October.

  1. The Tattoo

Blindspot’s story revolves around an amnesiac woman discovered by the FBI in Times Square. Covered in tattoos, one of the marks she bears is the name of FBI agent Kurt Weller. Each tattoo is a clue to a crime they must solve, with Weller's aid. The plot thickens when it turns out that he has no idea who the mysterious woman is, marking her as a Jane Doe.

Cast as the latter is Jaimie Alexander, who underwent a rigorous make-up process to play the part. It took three tattoo artists seven hours to apply the more than 200 tattoos to her body. Luckily, they lasted about three days, sparing Alexander from too many arduous hours in the make-up chair.


  1. The Stars

Starring alongside Alexander is Aussie actor Sullivan Stapleton as Special Agent Kurt Weller. M-Net Edge viewers will recongise him from Strike Back; while Marvel movie fans will be familiar with Alexander from Thor: The Dark World. You’ll also get to see the latter in another series, starting on M-Net Edge, called The Brink.


  1. The Duffel Bag

Jane Doe’s tattoos are only one of many intriguing plot points. Another pinnacle of the series is how she’s found: zipped into a duffel bag and left in Times Square after having her memory wiped. And yes, in case you were wondering: the actress was actually stuffed into that bag.


  1. The Action

With a powerful and bewildering mystery starting the show off, viewers are sure to stay glued to their seats. Helping it along is a healthy dose of action involving chases, explosions, gunfights and kick-ass martial arts.


  1. Staying Power

With other shows getting the chop or being axed completely, Blindspot was born in a precarious time for television. However, having been picked up for a full season, meaning 22 episodes, it looks like Blindspot is here to stay.


Tune into Blindspot Season 1 every Wednesday at 20:30 on M-Net channel 101, starting 14 October. Download the M-Net App and set reminders for the show, making sure you never miss an episode.

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