Bizarre game day rituals

18 September 2023
Downright weird, odd, and unusual game day rituals.
80 for brady

From wearing a lucky pair of underwear to not taking a bath before a match, sports fans and players can be superstitious. Check out these bizarre rituals performed by some on game day. 

Celery throwing 
Chelsea football fans had a "celery tradition" that saw them break into a song called 'Ask Old Brown', followed by throwing celery onto the pitch. In 2007, after Chelsea's game against Arsenal, the celery-throwing ritual was banned but never forgotten.

Here are the lyrics to 'Ask Old Brown', just in case you too would like to break into song:

Ask Old Brown for tea and all the family. If he doesn't come, we'll tickle his bum with a lump of celery.

Former Argentinian goalkeeper Sergio Goycochea's strange ritual involved peeing on the field before penalty shootouts. He would ask his teammates to surround him before crouching and peeing in the area where the penalties would take place. Goycochea believed this would give him an edge during the game.


Golden thong
Former New York Yankees player Jason Giambi once caused a bit of a stir when he admitted to a reporter that whenever he was in a slump, he would wear a golden thong under his uniform pants to the game. Several of his teammates acknowledged they've tried wearing it too, including former captain Derek Jeter and former outfielder Johnny Damon. 

In your Sunday night movie, American football fans and besties for life have spent so many games together, they've developed game day rituals. Trish (Jane Fonda) has to stand on a ladder at kickoff, Lou (Lilly Tomlin) has to spill a bowl of chips, and Maura (Rita Moreno) needs to be drinking tea.

We'd love to hear from you. What are some of your crazy game day rituals?

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