Binge on Star Wars

06 September 2015
This weekend you have the chance to watch all six Star Wars’ movies in a row.
star wars binge

This Sunday, 6 September, you have the chance to watch all six Star Wars’ movies in a row. Starting at 08:28 with A New Hope, you’ll have to book the whole day, turn off your phone and make plenty of popcorn, because the sixth movie only ends at 22:30. Think it’s impossible to watch six movies in a row? We promise it’s not. We’ve done it, but then…we’re a little obsessed.

The movies will be screened in chronological order – that is, from the year of release.  Many fans believe that the original trilogy (IV, V, VI) should be watched before the prequel trilogy (I, II, III); but the reverse order has a fair faction of supporters as well. Which order do you think is the best? Take the poll on the M-Net Star Wars’ website, and weigh in.

While you’re on the website, make sure you play the game and read through our articles to learn more about Star Wars, and work your way up at being the biggest fan in the galaxy.

If you don’t make it through the day, don’t fret! Another week jam-packed with Star Wars awaits. Every day of the coming week will feature a Star Wars’ movie twice a day, starting with A New Hope on Monday and ending with Revenge of the Sith on Saturday – topped by another six-in-a-row binge, next Sunday.

In between the six feature films showing during the week, you can tune into documentaries, behind the scenes features and TV series. This means that by the time December rolls around, there’s nothing you won’t know about the worlds of Naboo, Tatooine, Endor and all the rest; and you’ll be perfectly set to throw yourself headlong into The Force Awakens.

Happy viewing! We hope you enjoy bingeing on all six episodes; but remember to take bathrooms breaks, stretch your legs, eat, and stay hydrated!

May the force be with you!

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