Best TV dad moments

17 June 2021
We found these great moments with these great TV dads.
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Warning: Spoilers alert: Father's Day is on the horizon and as we celebrate these heroes in our lives, we're looking at some TV heroes that gave us some great dad moments. We've included some dads from our current City shows too!

Settle in and enjoy!

Ray Perry is fierce and never backs down from a mission. However, no matter how hardcore a Navy Seal can be we often see their softer side when it comes to their kids. Who remembers these enduring moments between Chief Perry and his darling daughter? Grab the tissues before you watch these emotional scenes again. 

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Jack Pearson was quite the dad on the emotional drama This Is Us. Even though he faced many inner demons in his lifetime, he truly showed us that he was a super dad. Here's a combo of some of his best dad scenes. And may we just say that Milo Ventimiglia absolutely nailed this role! 

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Perhaps one of the most hard-hitting TV scenes of all time. In this episode of The Fresh Prince of Bellair, Will stands up to his absent father, and Uncle Phil steps in and embraces him with a hug. You've got to love good old Uncle Phil, who often gave Will tough love but was the only dad he could count on! RIP James Avery.

He's whacky, hilariously awkward, and the gentle giant on Doom Patrol!  This is a gem of a scene when Cliff Steele shows his daughter around the Doom Patrol manor. We really think that he can be a great dad, don't you? Plus good food always brings people together, right!

In season 2 of Doom Patrol, we're introduced to Dorothy Spinner, the very peculiar daughter of Dr. Niles Caulder. She's highly misunderstood and has powers far beyond her control. In this scene, her father lovingly tries to calm her down and throughout the season we see what a great dad he is. Keep watching this story on Saturdays at 21:40 on M-Net City. 

Ed O' Neil pulled double duty as a father figure. First on Married With Children as the sarcastic Al Bundy and then on Modern Family as the loveable Jay Pritchett. Both characters gave us many hilarious dad moments and the sarcasm lives on in both.

Here's Jay teaching Mitch some self-defense tricks:

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Here's Al Bundy giving Bud a pep talk!

One of the most epic moments for all Supergirl fans was when Kara finally met her father Zor-El, the younger brother of Jor-El! He now serves as her ultimate guide and mentor as she battles the dark forces and tries to save earth from the evil clutches of Lex Luthor. 

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