Best hero moments

01 October 2021
We're celebrating the very best of our heroes on M-Net City.
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The home of heroes celebrates its best hero moments.


Do you remember these epic hero moments?

Aaron Wallace wins his first case - For LIfe


From a jailbird to a successful attorney, no one does it quite like Aaron Wallace. He fights for justice and never backs down. Here's that epic moment when he won his first case. It's so heartwarming and he is indeed a true hero that inspires us.

Ryan Wilder puts on the bat suit

While Kate Kane made one magnificent Batwoman, in season 2 Ryan Wilder had to fill her shoes. At first, Wilder was not too keen on her calling and questioned it all. But once she put on the bat suit, a new hero was born. Here's that marvellous moment when she embraced her new identity and went after the bad guys!

The Flash and Reverse Flash duo

The Flash will always be one of the great heroes in our City. But even the biggest heroes need a little help sometimes. Do you remember when Reverse-Flash helped The Flash take down Godspeed? Two heroes in action – super epic!

Supergirl meets her father

Some DC fans would say this was one of the best superhero TV moments in history. Kara finally got to meet her real father Zor-El and he gave her such great mentoring. 

What better hero moment than getting advice from your biggest hero – your dad!

Johan Nolan saves Henry - The Rookie

Nolan is known for risking his life almost every single time and is a rookie to reckon with. Check out this nail-biting scene when he saves Henry from the mob.

Dean saves Sam from the ghouls – Supernatural

The Winchester brothers have saved each other a dozen times! But this is the rescue scene we loved the most. The demon-slaying brothers are truly heroes of the supernatural era!


Hank Voight stops a bank raid – Chicago P.D.

He's the badass cop with the most daring, dangerous, and unconventional ways. Voight is one of the biggest heroes on TV. Here's that action-packed scene of him and Ruzak taking on a dangerous bank raid.


Which other hero moments are your favourites? Share them with us on @MNetseries.