Behind The Baby

02 November 2023
The Baby brings a twist to the horror genre.
the baby

HBO’s limited series The Baby brings a clever mix of horror and comedy that will have you laughing and scared at the same time. The story focuses on 38-year-old Natasha, played by the talented Michelle de Swarte, whose life is uprooted when a baby mysteriously lands in her life. Now, as many know, motherhood is no playing matter, but the series puts a big twist on us by introducing a baby with demonic powers and sinister motives that change Natasha’s life forever. 

The cast plays baby talk 

The series cleverly depicts Natasha's struggles as she tries to adjust to her new-found motherhood and unravel the mystery around the baby. The show has incredible, eerie moments that true horror fans will absolutely love. 

Real-life twins Albie and Arthur were cast as the Baby and their parents were carefully involved in the filming process on set. For difficult scenes, prosthetic babies called jelly babies were used, and of course, CGI was used for all the gory demonic baby moments. Thanks to the brilliant minds of the directors, the behind-the-scenes team, and the actors, these incredible scenes were brought to life. 

More on filming with the babies on set

Watch The Baby from 16 November on Me channel 115. 

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