Behind the scenes with The Cleaning Lady

13 October 2022
Beyond the camera of this riveting crime drama.
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The Cleaning Lady is a riveting crime drama developed by Miranda Kwok from the original Argentinian series La chica que limpia. It stars the very talented Élodie Yung. You might remember Yung from the series Daredevil, in whch she played the amazing Elektra Natchios.

The story focuses on a young Cambodian-Filipino surgeon Thony De La Rosa who is an immigrant living in the US on an expired visa. After witnessing a crime she is forced to join a criminal organisation as a cleaning lady. She hopes to make enough money and gain the right connections to safely stay in the country to save her dying son, Luca, who suffers from a life-threatening medical disorder. As you can probably guess such a decision comes with huge threats, lies, secrets, and a world of crime and dangerous moves. Yung embodies the character very well and gives us riveting action along the way. 

Watch this cool behind-the-scenes clip that Yung shared about filming a scene in the rain.

Watch as Yung shares her morning routine on set. 

The show strongly focuses on representation and has a diverse cast that highlights the difficult situations immigrants face in the US along with ICE raids. Yung said the story inspired her to bring authenticity to her character and embrace her strong Cambodian culture. Fun fact: The character Thony got the name from one of Yung’s cousins.

Watch Yung and executive producers Miranda Kwok and Melissa Carter talk about representation, ICE raids, and the research that went into depicting such struggles and capturing the realism of it all.

Catch The Cleaning Lady season 1 from 25 October at 22:00 on Me, channel 115. 

Watch the trailer here:

You can also stream it on Showmax.