Behind the Scenes: Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

20 June 2016
Take a look behind the scenes of Stan Lee's Lucky Man Season 1.
lucky man 1

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? Many fans have asked comic book creator Stan Lee that question over the years of his long and illustrious career. Would it be the instinct and intellect of Spider-Man or Iron Man? What about the strength and power of the Hulk and Thor? Or any of the X-Men’s awesome mutations? His ultimate answer: luck.

Lee took his response one step further by deciding to create a TV show around the premise of his ultimate superpower. The hero (or rather, anti-hero) of this new show is the down-and-out London homicide detective Harry Clayton – imbued with the power of luck after a chance encounter with a woman named Eve.

Front and centre of this exciting new crime drama is Irish actor James Nesbitt as Harry Clayton, with Resident Evil actress Sienna Guillory as Eve. Amara Karan is on board as Clayton’s partner, Detective Sergeant Suri Chohan; with Darren Boyd as their colleague Steve Orwell, who believes Clayton is a corrupt cop.

Already renewed for a second season, we’re taking a quick peek behind the scenes of Lucky Man to give you a taste of what’s to come in the exciting first season.

The classic clapperboard.
What's in the box?
The blue scene.
An impressive staircase will mean impressive action.
Taking a tumble.
Free falling!
Serious faces for the camera.
Getting a touch up.
Hope he's not scared of heights.
Ready for action.
James Nesbitt's ready for his next scene.
Eve Best cocks her eye at the camera.
Fine weather makes for fine filming.
Time for a classic car shot.
Getting the crowd organised.
A bag of tricks.
Working in the dark.
A key prop.
The classic clapperboard.

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