Behind-the-scenes secrets of The Flash

07 September 2021
Here are some cool facts about The Flash.
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Barry Allen is the hero with the fastest moves. The Flash will stop at nothing to save the day and ensure its glorious villains are defeated. Let's find out some cool facts as we go behind the scenes. 

The use of zooping

The Flash's main superpower is his incredible speed. The speedy scenes in The Flash use lots of special effects and one particular technique is called zooping. The effect is carried out with the use of an air cannon and a red lightning effect.

The identity of Reverse Flash was kept a secret on set

The producers made sure the identity of this great villain was kept a secret while filming. Most of the crew and cast didn't know the true identity of this villain. This was cleverly carried out as the crew filmed the reveal of the Reverse Flash using a stunt double!

A new tweak in the suit every season

Fans will notice small changes The Flash's suit gets every season. The details often match the comic book versions quite closely. So keep a close eye.

The cast and directing

Some of the cast have sat in the director's chair on some episodes. This includes Tom Cavanagh (Reverse Flash/Dr. Harry Wells) and Danielle Panabaker (Caitlin Snow). 

Check this cool video about filming behind the scenes.

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