04 November 2015
And then there were seven!
mnet movies action heroes winners

And then there were seven! The best voices South Africa had to offer went for a final showdown to YFM studios. 

As the guys and girls sat around the conference table waiting for their chance to wow the judges with their voices, you could sense the anticipation of who would come out on top.

The voice warming exercises were honey with hot water and standing alone to the side to get their heads…voices...in the zone. Just like us…they're a little obsessed!

As each finalist recorded their takes in studio, you could almost hear the room shake and feel the hairs on your neck stand on end. Their voices resounded with passion for action and movies, and bringing you a sound like you’ve never heard before.

The winner, Peace Nzirawa, is just what you would expect the voice of action heroes to be: natural, big, powerful and very explosive!

The sound of your action movies will never be the same again!

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