Battle of The Sherlocks

19 January 2015
Which Sherlock is your favourite?

He is the greatest fictional detective of all time and has been played by some of the best actors of all time.

We take a look at the actors who have played Sherlock Holmes and made the detective their own; welcome to The Battle of the Sherlocks.

Christopher Lee
The actor better known for his horror films had a few roles in Sherlock films before playing Sherlock himself. He appeared as Sir Henry in the 1959 adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles, and later as Mycroft Holmes in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. He finally did have a crack at Sherlock, three actually; but Lee was criticised for being a bit too stiff, formal and lifeless. However, that was the usual portrayal of Sherlock at the time.

Roger Moore
When he wasnโ€™t saving the world as James Bond, Roger Moore took a stab at the great detective. Moore had an unconventional take on the Victorian detective in a 1976 TV movie called Sherlock Holmes in New York.

Christopher Plummer
The Canadian-born actor has played Holmes twice. First in Silver Blaze in 1977, and then in Murder by Decree in 1979. For the time, many people said that his performance was too human and emotional as the Sherlocks of the time were more "serious". That being said, his performance was full of energy and likeability and it inspired the way forward for many other Sherlocks.

John Barrymore
Credited as the first Sherlock, John Barrymore played him in the silent movie that was released under the name Moriarty in the United Kingdom, and as Sherlock everywhere else. It was his one and only appearance as the detective, in 1922, but he will always be remembered as the first.

Jonny Lee Miller
Looking at Sherlock in a more modern setting, Jonny Lee Miller is one of many actors that plays a younger version of the detective. His TV series,ย Elementary, takes a fresh look at the detective, and includes the first female Watson, played by Lucy Liu.

Robert Downey Jr.
Sticking to the modern takes of Sherlock, the charismatic actor has made the detective his own. It might still be set in the Victorian era, but his take on the detective is a more real, gritty human portrayal of the man. With the help of director Guy Ritchie, and Jude Law playing Dr. Watson, new life was breathed into the Sherlock franchise.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Arguably one of the best Sherlocks, Cumberbatch is the star of the hit BBC show Sherlockย which, like Elementary, is set in the current time. He is brash, rude, irritating and aloof, but also insightful, brilliantly smart, brave and really loves his housekeeper, who puts up with an awful lot. With Martin Freeman as his more-than-loyal friend and partner Dr. Watson, Cumberbatch gives it his all as this is the performance that has made him a household name.

Many actors have played the detective, but these are just some of the most recognisable and popular actors that have made the detective one of our favourite characters. So who is your favourite Sherlock?