Back to the Future Day

21 October 2015
Twenty years ago Back to the Future was released, launching the film career of Michael J. Fox.
back to the future 2

Twenty years ago Back to the Future was released, skyrocketing the film career of Michael J. Fox. Four years after the original was released, the sequel came out. In the first movie, everyone’s favourite time-traveling teen travelled to the past, but the sequel saw him hotfooting it to 2015. The exact date: 21 October; and that’s why today is Back to the Future Day.

Today, on 21 October 2015, there are no hoverboards or flying cars, so the movie got a few things wrong. However, we did get video conferencing, big-screen TVs and drones; and while we may have been spared Jaws 19, we’ve had to endure three Sharknados (with a fourth one greenlighted).

It’s fairly obvious what the movie got right and wrong about the 21st century, so M-Net Movies decided it would be more fun to dig up lesser-known facts about the 1989 classic. Check them out:

  1. In a behind-the-scenes special, director Robert Zemeckis joked that the hoverboards used on set were real. A number of parents believed him and and tried to order them in toyshops.
  2. Parts II and III were filmed back-to-back due to Michael J. Fox’s commitment to the TV series, Family Ties. While filming the first movie Fox rehearsed for Family Ties from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. He would then head to the movie’s set and shoot until the early morning. 
  3. At the time of filming the sequels, in which he plays a 17-year-old, Fox was 28.
  4. Crispin Glover did not reprise his role as George McFly; apparently he wanted too much money for his return – which is why the character was largely written out.
  5. The other actors were none too happy with his replacement, Jeffrey Weissman. Lea Thompson even referred to him as “the guy playing Crispin.”
  6. Guess who made his feature film debut in the movie? An eight-year-old Elijah Wood.
  7. Most of the costumes from the ball were lost after the first movie. The only actor wearing her original outfit was Lea Thompson. She had taken the dress home with her when filming ended. These days she tries it on with her children every Halloween.
  8. The film’s code title was Paradox.
  9. Michael J. Fox had to take skateboarding lessons, because he’d lost the skill since filming the first movie.
  10. Marty’s self-lacing Nikes were tied by members of the effects crew’ hiding under a raised platform.

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