Armand and Amanda's Bucket Lists

22 February 2017
There are good singers, then there are great singers - Armand and Amanda form part of the latter.
Armand Amanda

Having earned four-turns during their Blind Auditions, the two As are no doubt a force to be reckoned with and not even the sky is their limit. 

So we were wondering what esle could be on their Bucket List, apart from winning The Voice SA of course. 

Armand Joubert's Bucket List:

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First, let's appreciate little Armand. At this age, no one knew that he'd one day be a sensation on The Voice SA stage so anything is possible.

  1. Sell out Madison Square Garden for 7 nights in a row.
  2. 100 Million albums sold worldwide.
  3. Ride every roller-coaster in the world.
  4. Visit all the dessert bars in Paris.
  5. And drive a yellow car. We totally see you in this!

Amanda Faku's Bucket List:

  1. To have a strong career in the industry.
  2. To have an album that fully expresses the true artist that I am.
  3. To one day have my own band where we travel the world to perform.
  4. To have people specifically buy tickets to watch ME perform on massive stages. You go girl!
  5. To one day be my own boss where I have my own record label. I want to have a business fully focusing on music.

How gorgeous does our Amanda look though? :-)

We absolutely can't wait to see these come to life. As we wat to scratch them off the list!

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