Animania on M-Net Movies Family

17 November 2015
It’s summer time and, as the song goes “the living is easy.”

It’s summer time and, as the song goes “the living is easy.” Making things even easier, and more entertaining, is M-Net Movies Family Channel 105. This festive season we’re bringing you a fantastic line-up of animated greats that will charm children and amuse adults.

Animania is giving you the chance to enjoy the best in animation every day from 4 December. Running for five weeks, the whole family will get to enjoy the antics of Woody and Buzz; and fresh spins on fairy tales with Shrek, Fiona and Donkey; as well as a host of princesses, dragons, wild animals, farm animals, aliens, minions, and lots more.

Without further ado, take a look at what’s coming your way on M-Net Movies Family from 4 December. Compact subscribers can get a taste of the Animania action every day at 18:00 on M-Net Movies Stars Channel 111.

Tune into M-Net Movies Family this festive season, and follow the fun on social media using #MMAnimania.

Week 1 (4 – 6 December) 


From Friday 4 December

Big Hero 6, 17:15

Ice Age, 19:00

From Saturday 5 December

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, 17:35

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs,19:00

From Sunday 6 December                    

Frozen, 19:00

Toy Story 3, 20:45

Frozen Fact: It took 132 hours to complete the 218 frames of the scene where Elsa walks onto the balcony of her ice palace.

Week 2 (7 – 13 December)


From Monday 7 December              

Shrek, 17:25

From Tuesday 8 December  

Shrek 2, 16:00                                   

From Wednesday 9 December    

Shrek the Third, 15:40

From Thursday 10 December  

Toy Story, 19:00

From Friday 11 December     

Toy Story 2, 19:00

From Saturday 12 December          

Toy Story 3, 17:15

From Sunday 13 December

Big Hero 6, 19:00

Big Hero Bonus: Over 200 signs were designed for the movie's mash-up city, San Fransokyo.

Week 3 (14 – 20 December)


From Monday 14 December

Madagascar, 17:30

From Tuesday 15 December                  

Up, 19:00

From Wednesday 16 December                 

Despicable Me 2, 19:00

From Thursday 17 December                 

Over The Hedge, 17:30

From Friday 18 December                    

Big Hero 6, 17:15

From Saturday 19 December                 

Cars 2, 19:00

From Sunday 20 December                  

How to Train your Dragon 2, 19:00

Despicable Delight: In the sequel Gru has 10 400 minions.

Week 4 (21 – 27 December)


From Monday 21 December                 

The Princess and the Frog, 19:00

From Tuesday 22 December               

Escape from Planet Earth, 19:00

From Wednesday 23 December               

A Bug’s Life, 19:00

From Thursday 24 December              

Shrek, 19:00

From Friday 25 December                 

Shrek 2, 19:00

From Saturday 26 December                    

Shrek the Third, 19:00

From Sunday 27 December                 

Toy Story 1 - 3, back to back from 12:20

Toy Story Tidbit: Andy didn’t have a father in Toy Story, because human characters were expensive and difficult to animate.

Week 5 (28 December – 3 January)


From Monday 28 December                

Ice Age, 16:00

From Tuesday 29  December               

Barnyard, 19:00

From Wednesday 30 December 

Finding Nemo, 19:00

From Thursday 31 December           

Rio 2, 19:00

From Friday 1 January    

Madagascar, 19:00

From Saturday 2 January                    

Penguins of Madagascar, 19:00

From Sunday 3 January            

Monsters, Inc. 19:00

Monster Madness: Sulley originally had tentacles instead of legs, but were changed because they were considered too distracting

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