And The Award Goes To... – The Voice SA

08 April 2019
A look at the Top 5 most spirited reactions to Team Riky's KnockOuts
Team Riky Glam

Coach Riky made it clear from the jump that he wasn't keen on people boxing him in when it came to his capabilities as a mentor and trainer. We even witnessed an emotional, full-circle moment after Eon's Blind Audition – where the rapper and producer reflected on the challenges of being an up-and-coming entertainer and having people tell him what he could and could not be.

It makes perfect sense therefore that Riky elected to put together a team where all are welcome nomatter their aesthetic, sound, genre or performance style. This made for 13 thrilling performances and a perfect showcase of his vision.

Naturally this also inspired some pretty colourful reactions from everyone watching and getting their life at home. Here are five of our favourites from Sunday night.


It just wouldn't be The Voice SA without someone swooning over how gorgeous Riky is and honestly, it's true so what better way to start this countdown off.


We think this viewer is onto something. Could it be that Coach Riky put Nikita in the Danger Zone after her stunning performance knowing full-well there was no way Francois wouldn't steal her? After all, our favourite rocker has stated on several occassions that he adores strong female vocalists.


We honestly couldn't agree more with this sentiment. Our hostess is always right at home on  stage and her banter and iconic one-liners make every Sunday night even more special. I mean who could forget, "Buy one, get one free?'.


Whether they're channeling Miriam Makeba or a modern House banger, it seems Aura always enject enough soul to elicit some pretty emotional responses. Much like this...


Taking a que from the late and great Aretha Franklyn, when the vocals are out-of-this-world you snatch your own wig and hand it over! Eon clearly struck gold again.

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