An outfit for every season – The Good Fight

11 April 2023
We're looking at Diane Lockhart's best outfits from The Good Fight.
the good fight

When you think of Diane Lockhart what comes to mind? Elegance? Style? Intelligence? Determination? She's the perfect combo of it all and is poised every time she takes on the courtroom. Her fashion channels her mood and captures her very essence and we doubt she's ever had a dull outfit moment. We dug into her wardrobe and picked out her best outfit for every season of The Good Fight.

Season 1 – Checkmate

This outfit screams checkmate from the get-go. The olive green and checkered look encapsulates Lockhart's will and determination. This outfit says I am here to win, no questions asked.  And we all know that Lockhart fights to win.

Season 2 – Black and bold

Black is the colour of death and Lockhart is ready to kill villainous egos in this sexy number. Finished off with a stunning necklace, the entire outfit lets everyone know that this is one lady you don't mess with. Lockhart's courtroom entrances are on a whole other level.

Season 3 – Queening

We think of an Egyptian queen when we see this outfit with its elaborate shoulder pad design. The gold shimmer beautifully enhances Lockhart's natural beauty and says I'm here to bring the bling, the brains, and the badness to the courtroom. 

Season 4 – A floral affair

It's a floral affair in this dainty number that oozes personality. The outfit is brave and bold just like Lockhart and reminds us that she's tackling things with the elegance and grace we love.

Season 5 – Stripe wars

Lockhart is so poised and confident in this striped jacket. It's as if she's ready to go to war in the courtroom. Ready for a master class on life? Sit back and take notes everyone.

Season 6 – Lady in red

A real lady doesn't look good in an outfit, she makes an outfit look good! Lockhart is rocking this red ensemble. She's now a free spirit who is reflecting back on her amazing journey. 

Which outfit is your favourite?

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