All the shade – The Real Housewives of Potomac

03 October 2022
Take a look at some of the shadiest moments of RHOP.
ladies on a couch talking

If one thing's certain it's that the ladies of Potomac know how to put on a really good show. They're successful, driven, daring, and have a huge appetite for throwing shade. Let's look at some of the shadiest moments from the show. 

Dinner drama
Candiace hosts a delicious dinner party but bites off more than she can chew. She gets into a really heated argument over Ashley's personal life and the comments made by her husband Michael Darby. The other women are quick to point out that she needs to butt out of Ashley's life, but feisty Candiace will hear none of it.

Party's over
This scene brings new levels to the term party pooper. Karen leaves her own party when drama evolves over Monique Samuel's invite and the fact that she never showed up. Karen is the host with the most and decides it's her party and she can cry and leave if she wants to! Priceless exit. 

Candiace vs Monique
One of the most shocking confrontations from the RHOP franchise. Candiace and Monique have been known to butt heads and after throwing insults at each other, a physical confrontation took place. The argument was so intense that the crew had to intervene to break it up. This was the most-watched scene from the RHOP franchise and had fans gasping. 

Who's got a good man?
Lunch gets heated as Karen instigates a conversation about having a good man in their lives and questions Gizelle's man. The conversation gets spicy as the ladies share their feedback on relationships. Karen certainly knows how to throw shade and the ladies know how to throw it back!

Candiace vs Mia
Warning spoilers
. Easy Candiace, drama seems to live in your blood. When Candiace tells Mia she needs therapy, the two get their tongues wagging in a fiery argument. This ended in an epic salad fight that had us all laughing for days on end. The salad and shade were freshly served in this scene. 

Monique's shady binder
Monique's got all the dirt on the ladies and came with receipts to the season 5 reunion. Class was in session and the cast was about to be schooled as she pulled out a binder that exposed some of the ladies' secrets. This will go down in the books as one of the shadiest moments ever. 

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