All the emotions with Zoey Johnson – Grownish

03 May 2022
Growing up ain't easy!

Warning: contains spoilers.

Young adulthood is one of the hardest things we all have to go through and Grownish beautifully and truthfully depicts such struggles. Zoey Johnson has had her fair share of trials and tribulations since she entered college and stepped into the big, big world to make it on her own. Here are some of the emotions she took us through. 


Zoey and Aaron shared a remarkable relationship with quite a few ups and downs. But when she let him down, he decided it was enough. This scene had us gasping as Aaron shared a piece of his mind with Ms Johnson, telling her just how selfish she can be. The look on her face was pure regret that she did him bad. Ain't Yara Shahidi such a great actress though! Her scenes are so real.


It's no secret that Zoey's accustomed to the finer things in life all thanks to her parents Dre and Bow. In this thought-provoking scene, her dad Dre has had enough of her "bratty" habits and decides to cut her off financially, in hopes of making her more independent. This leaves princess Zoey very bewildered about what to do next. 



Luca can honestly be called Zoey's day one. He's swept her off her feet many times over, and they have great chemistry.  But one of the most priceless moments was when he told her he loved her for the very first time. Her face lit up with joy and love, and Grownish fans worldwide were equally mushy on the inside. 



Quite the performer! Zoey manages to charm rapper Indigo with her confidence and passes the test to stay on board as her fashion stylist. Her wit, charm, and passion for fashion clearly come through. Can we also just say the girl's energy is unmatched!


After landing her dream job as a stylist, Zoey gets a big head and thinks about quitting college. This confused state has her friends giving her all sorts of advice and weighing the pros and cons of her untimely decision. Luckily she doesn't drop out and uses that big, smart brain of hers instead!



When feisty little sister Diane visits Zoey at college, the two have a lovely heart-to-heart.  Zoey is asked a deep question: who can she not live without? Her answer and the look on her face were raw moments of pure honesty. We're pretty sure you guessed who she choose. Watch the clip!

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