Adam Sandler and Tom McCarthy Team Up

14 March 2016
M-Net Movies takes a closer look at The Cobbler.
the cobbler

Picture this. Out of sheer curiosity, while mending a heap of clothes, you decide to give your client’s shoes a try, only to discover there is more to this worn-out pair than it seems. That’s exactly what happens to Max Simkin, Adam Sandler’s character in The Cobbler. Trying on the shoes he’s mending results in a total transformation of his body, with the ability to be someone dangerous yet powerful.

In this magical realism film, Sandler shifts to a different comedic beat, moving away from the comedies he’s usually comfortable with. Ironically, Sandler’s last name is derived from a Hebrew word meaning “cobbler” or “shoemaker”, which is his profession in the movie.

The Cobbler also marks Sandler and co-star Steve Buscemi’s eleventh film together. They sure have a decent number of films under their belt! Memorable moments together include The Wedding Singer and both Hotel Transylvanias.

Tom McCarthy, who won Best Original Screenplay with Josh Singer at this year’s Academy Awards, directs. Thanks to Spotlight, which he also directed, he’s been getting a lot of attention recently, but he’s firmly established in the industry. Remember that remarkable animation UP? McCarthy helped with the story.

He also wrote and directed The Station Agent, which starred Game of Thrones’ actor Peter Dinklage. On that fantastical note, McCarthy was the director of the unaired pilot of the famous TV show. So you see: he’s been around.

The Cobbler gives him the opportunity to work with Sandler in an interesting role, moving critics to call it a comeback for the actor. Not that he went anywhere, but his films have been lacking in quality of late.

Make sure you watch the work of this remarkable writer and director and its indefatigable star in your Sunday night movie, The Cobbler, on 20 March at 20:05 on M-Net.