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03 November 2015
After a very eventful October seeking a movie trailer voice, the M-Net Movies Action Heroes Festival is finally here.
action heroes festival

After a very eventful October seeking a movie trailer voice, the M-Net Movies Action Heroes Festival on channel 110 is finally here.

An exciting line up of stars will hit your screen this November, bringing you chases, explosions and kick-ass martial arts.

Take a look at the line-up below and follow the action, and more news on the competition, on Facebook and Twitter with #MMActionHeroes.


Action Hero: Jason Statham

Action Skills: Kickboxing, karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu

Action Time: Saturday 7 November at 18:00

Action Cred: Statham does his own stunts, stating: “I feel if I didn’t do them myself, I’d be cheating the audience.”



Action Hero: Zoe Saldana

Action Skills: Ballet, archery, wushu

Action Time: Sunday 8 November at 18:10

Action Cred: With the exception of two action scenes, she did her own stunts for Colombiana. For Guardians of the Galaxy, she even learnt how to wield a sword!



Action Hero: Dwayne Johnson

Action Skill: Wrestling

Action Time: Sunday 8 November at 20:00

Action Cred: Johnson’s grandfather, who was also a wrestler, was a Bond villain in You Only Live Twice.


Lord of War

Action Hero: Nicolas Cage

Action Skill: Jiu jitsu

Action Time: Tuesday 10 November at 20:30

Action Cred: He ate a cockroach for a scene in Vampire’s Kiss.



Action Hero: Rapulana Seiphemo

Action Time: Thursday 12 November at 22:00

Action Cred: Due to a tight budget, skateboards were used as dollies on the set of Jerusalema.


Wild Wild West

Action Hero: Will Smith

Action Time: Tuesday 17 November at 20:00

Action Cred: He used to be called King of the 4th, thanks to his continuous box office success in the ‘90s. Independence Day, Men in Black and Wild Willd West - which were all released on a July 4 weekend - all opened at number one. In the Noughties, the trend continued with Men in Black II and Hancock. Although they were not released around July 4, they still came out in that month, meaning that every single Will Smith vehicle released in July has shot to number one. 


Empire State

Action Hero: Liam Hemsworth

Action Skill: Surfing

Action Time: Sunday 29 November at 20:00


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