AB-solutely dying for these The Bachelorette SA abs!

25 February 2021
The brotherhood of the traveling abs!
ab-solutely! (1)

You KNOW it’s going to be a good week when the universe lands a shiny, unexpected (and rock-solid) gift on your lap; the gift in this case? ABS! (fun fact: not ours, because 1). Have you met carbs? and 2). We are in a serious relationship with bread and pies, thanks.)

Anyway, our hearts almost exploded with joy right in the middle of watching last week’s episode when shirts were peeled off out of the blue and suddenly, there were not 1, not 2, but NINETEEN pieces of pure ab staring directly into the face of our face.

 Abs here, Abs there, abs EVERYWHERE!

Although that infamous Topless Touch Rugby match has already happened, that moment deserves a second look. So, in the words of great philosopher Britney of House Spears; Hit Me Baby One More Time!

Ch-ch-check out the album below and celebrate Thirstday, with the thirstiest comments in the south. 💦   

SWIPE ▶️  Welcome to the AB Olympics!

It’s like Gareth’s abs get their oil changed and tyres pumped and wheels aligned every month. Yowzer...

Wondering out loud here; if we created, say, an online petition, would the Springboks consider playing topless as a matter of national importance plus for national service vibes? Because 'Topless Rugby' looks very professional and very sportsman-like. Think about it. Don’t shirts slow you down and cause you to overheat because of their weight? Getting rid of extra material would literally improve our game and we could totally win more World Cups.

Disprove our theory, science!

                                                                             Watch all of the above abs in motion below:

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