A trip to the dark side!

06 June 2022
Ever heard of dark comedy movies? This kind of genre pokes fun at everything serious. Yes, not even death is excused. The aim is to lighten heavy concepts one wouldn’t ideally associate with hearty humour. Your upcoming Sunday Night Movie, Breaking News in Yuba County is a brilliant example of this genre.
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In anticipation of Breaking News in Yuba County, in which Allison Janney plays a widow who turns her husband’s disappearance into a media event, we have put together a list of dark comedy movies.


Sightseers is dark, and gruesome, yet still thoroughly entertaining.

A regular-looking couple starts travelling across the country. As they fantasise about exploring the beauty of each destination, they cross paths with a bunch of people they don’t like and start killing them, one by one. They spare no one who gets in their way, and soon their dream holiday becomes a bloody nightmare.

Warning: You could laugh your guts out!

In Bruges

In Bruges tells the story of two Irish hit men, Ken (Brendan Gleeson) and Ray (Colin Farrell) who travel to Belgium to hide out in the small medieval village of Bruges. Ken takes a liking to the place, while Ray, feeling remorse over a hit in which an innocent life was taken, is miserable. The two manage to upset their hothead boss, Harry (Ralph Fiennes) who goes after them, and the action, drama, and comedy are ratcheted up as the story progresses, and the stakes get higher.

Warning: This movie will have you laughing at the most inappropriate things.


Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis play the Maitlands, a meek, childless couple whose contented existence is disrupted by their unfortunate deaths in a road accident. Back home, it takes them a while to realise they are dead.

Warning: Beetlejuice is crammed with visual invention and snappy comedy.

Ready or Not

This story of a young woman (Samara Weaving) marrying into a rich, legacy family takes a stunning twist early on and never looks back. Even though this movie is bloody and violent, it remains sharp and keeps audiences laughing through every twist and dark turn.

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