8 Top Shows Set in Chicago

20 June 2019
Join us in the Windy City.
chicago triple bill

Chicago Fire, PD, and Med are on their way back to M-Net with brand new seasons. With the return of the Chicago triple bill, we thought it was the perfect time to pay tribute to the Windy City by listing our favourite Chicago-set shows. There are so many, but these are the ones that cracked our list. Missed your favourite? Let us know on social media.

  1. Boardwalk Empire

We start in the 1920s, with this highly-acclaimed HBO drama. Although the action primarily takes place in New Jersey, Chicago still plays a major part, not least of which is the depiction of famous Chicago gangster, Al Capone. With an outstanding cast and brilliant direction, including a series premiere directed by Martin Scorsese, the show’s excellence was practically guaranteed.

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  1. Chicago Fire

Of course the Chicago triple-whammy created by Derek Haas, Michael Brandt, and Dick Wolf was going to make our list. Fire is the first of the franchise and was followed by P.D. and Med. The franchise took a legal look at the city with Chicago Justice, but it didn’t last beyond the first season.

Chicago Fire Season 7 starts Tuesday 25 June at 1900 on M-Net

  1. Chicago Med

Three years after Fire first aired, Wolf introduced his second spin-off, focusing on the trials and tribulations of the staff of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

Chicago Med Season 4 starts Tuesday 25 June at 2100 on M-Net

  1. Chicago PD

The first spin-off, following Chicago’s criminal action by focusing on its police department, started two years after Fire first aired. Although Chicago Justice was short-lived, Fire, P.D., and Med have survived for seven, six, and four seasons, respectively, and have all been renewed.

Chicago P.D. Season 6 starts Tuesday 25 June at 2000 on M-Net

  1. ER

This popular medical show ran for 15 seasons and was created by Jurassic Park scribe Michael Crichton. It was the longest-running prime time medical drama until its record was toppled by Grey’s Anatomy. It may have lost its number one spot, but it one-upped Anatomy by giving us George Clooney.

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  1. Married…with Children

It’s not all about drama in Chicago. The Bundys gave us plenty to laugh about with their sardonic wit and dry humour. With a perfect ensemble and a fitting theme tune, it lasted for eleven seasons. Pop Ed O’Neill found a new family and continued success with Modern Family, while mama Katey Sagal struck gold with starring roles in Futurama and Sons of Anarchy.

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  1. Shameless

The American remake moved the family drama from Manchester to Chicago. The uproarious adventures of Frank Gallagher and his hard-done-by progeny won plenty praise and heaps of fans. The show has been renewed for a tenth season, minus one family member as Emmy Rossum (who played big sis Fiona) left after nine seasons.

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  1. The Good Fight

A spin-off of The Good Wife, also set in Chicago, this show focuses on Christine Baranski’s character, Diane Lockhart. Baranski found fame before either show, but we love any excuse to watch her! The Good Wife and Fight is not her only Chicago connection – she also played a singing reporter in Chicago-based musical Chicago.

The Good Fight Season 3 starts Monday 29 July at 2100 on M-Net

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Chicago triple bills start Tuesday 25 June on M-Net channel 101, and will run as follows:

  • 19:00: Chicago Fire Season 7
  • 20:00 Chicago PD Season 6
  • 21:00 Chicago Med Season 4