8 Things About The Martian

02 August 2016
Eight awesome facts about The Martian.
the martian

In the grand cinematic tradition of being deserted on islands, stranded at sea, or left to die, comes The Martian. But its protagonist, Mark Watney, finds himself in far more dire straits than characters in movies like Cast Away, All is Lost or The Revenant  - because Mark is stuck on Mars.

There was much befuddlement amongst fans and critics – and Ridley Scott – when the film (based on the book of the same name by Andy Weir) won a Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Comedy or Musical. However, the categorisation is not as much of a stretch as you might think. While The Martian is not a laugh-out-loud comedy (and definitely not a song-and-dance affair), its tenacious lead, upbeat soundtrack and good-natured ribbing between characters, marks it as a feel-good movie determined to uplift you.

Comedy or drama, it’s a must-see. Along with a great performance from Matt Damon, you’ll get to enjoy the film’s fantastic vision of Mars and some pretty nifty space gadgets too. Here are a few facts about the film to get you started:


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