8 (More) Wedding Movies

18 July 2017
Walk down the aisle with eight more wedding movies.

Between your Sunday night movie, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, and our upcoming local reality show The Wedding Bash(ers), we’ve got brides and grooms on the brain. We’ve already written about wedding movies here, but because we’re into all things old, new, borrowed and blue we thought we’d dig up eight more gems.

  1. In & Out

An incredible ensemble brings verve and charm to this ‘90s comedy about high school teacher Howard Brackett who is pulled out the closet during a former student’s Oscar acceptance speech. This revelation comes as a surprise to Howard and puts of a spanner in the works of his upcoming wedding…to a woman.

  1. Mamma Mia!

Sophie is about to get married, but she wants her father to be the one walking her down the aisle. The only problem is: her mother’s not exactly certain who the father is! Based on the stage musical, it’s packed with singing, dancing, and lots and lots of ABBA. Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgård play the three potential patriarchs, but it’s Meryl Streep (as Sophie’s mother) who steals the show.

  1. Melancholia

The big day meets doomsday in this film by Danish director Lars von Trier. Sliced in two, Melancholia’s first half centres on the wedding and its melancholy bride, revealing the uncomfortable underbelly of sour family relations. The second half, meanwhile, focuses on the world’s imminent end as Earth finds itself on a collision course with a rogue planet called Melancholia.

  1. Monsoon Wedding

Mira Nair weaves together the chaos, colour and glory of planning a massive Indian wedding that brings together family from all over the world. The romance and comedy ensure you get all the usual wedding movie fare, while the sumptuous costumes, eclectic soundtrack and thoughtful direction elevate it to the next level.

  1. Muriel’s Wedding

This endearing Aussie film blends themes of female friendship, small town blues and big wedding dreams. Playing the title character is the marvellous Toni Collete giving her all in hysterical highlights that include karaoke, ABBA (again!) and a “South African” swimmer.

  1. Runaway Bride

Julia Roberts reunites with Gary Marshall and Richard Gere, her director and co-star from Pretty Woman, for this comedy about a woman who never makes it all the way down the aisle. The sparks between the stars are rekindled and given extra snap by the delightful supporting cast.

  1. The Princess Bride

A wedding is put on hold when the bride, Buttercup, is kidnapped. What follows is a rollicking adventure filled with sweet romance, swashbuckling sword fights and a cast of colourful characters – all framed as a story told by an old man to his young grandson. Based on the book by William Goldman it’s since become a fantasy classic, launching the film careers of its stars, Robin Wright and Cary Elwes.

  1. Very Bad Things

Before there was The Hangover there was Very Bad Things, and this band of bachelors makes the Wolf Pack seem like a group of nuns holding a tea party. Fresh from playing a perky bride in the previous year’s My Best Friend’s Wedding, Cameron Diaz dons a white dress once more to play a far more fearsome bride.

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