5 Things You Don't Know About Marissa and Freddy

08 February 2017
They both scored four turns during the first Blind Auditions and we got to know just a bit about them.
marissa freddy

So, we decided to dig deeper and find out what South Africa probably doesn't know about these two vocal powerhouses and this is what they had to say:​

#TeamKaren's Marissa Petzer

1. "I am a makeup artist (have been ever since I can remember)"...mhmm that explains the eyebrows on fleek!

2. "I received almost a 100% in my Trinity College London School of Rock and Pop Music Exam" ooh slay sister, slay!

3. " I actually looked like a little Cousin Itt [pictured below, don't laugh] from Addams Family when I was born. I had hair almost a cm long all over my back, ears and face". Seriously though Marissa, hahaha.

28 cousin itt 007 pre

4. "I am literally addicted to having pretty nails as you already may have noticed!" Yeah, the video below just proves it.

5. "I represented South Africa in Germany for the World Championships in dancing when I was 12 years old". So you're a good singer, smart and you dance too? Get outta 'ere!

#TeamKahn's Freddy Lalendle

1. "I'm a coffee barista". So you can literally whip a cool espresso, complete with all the designs? Mhmm impressive. We'll have to prove this hahaha

2. "I'm a big animal lover; I have a dog his name is Toby, a spaniel and labrado cross". Ohh that's a pretty one! But...what we're seeing below is beyond "big animal lover" O_O

28 freddy 005 pre

3. "I can't eat breakfast". Whaaaaat? Why though? Aaah well...

4. "I've never been out of the country". Ncoooh we hope a trip is on the cards...even if to Swaziland bro. It's just 3 hours from Joburg.

5. "I'm scared of frogs". Do you know people eat those in some parts of the world? hahaha and you are the big animal lover, remember?

Now that we've given you a bit more of what these musos are about, we wait to see how far they will go in the competition.

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