8 Fast Facts About Gabrielle Union

01 February 2019
Get to know the star of your Sunday night movie.

She was a teen movie queen, but for your Sunday night movie, Gabrielle Union drops the pom poms and the Prada backpack she sported in the '90s. In Breaking In she plays a mother you don't want to mess with, as she fights to save her children trapped in a creepy country home.

Before we join this ass-kicking heroine this weekend, let's learn a little more about her.

1. She made her feature film debut with '90s teen movie She's All That.

2. She kept her cheerleading uniform after filming finished on Bring It On.

3. She doesn't like talking on the phone.

4. She's a mom! She's stepmother to her husband's three children, and last year she gave birth to her daughter Kaavia. Just look how cute she is!


5. According to David Krumholtz, who played AV nerd Michael Eckman in 10 Things I Hate About You, Union had the cast and crew in stitches during filming. Not the literal kind, of course!

6. She's lactose intolerant, but can't resist ice-cream.

7. She appeared in an episode of Friends. But if she had to choose between Joey or Ross, it would have to be Joey. 

8. In 2017 she released a memoir entitled We're Going to Need More Wine.

Now that you know more about the stunning star, make sure you watch her in your #SundayNightMovie on 3 February at 20:05 on M-Net channel 101.

Feature image: Gabrielle Union in Breaking In.