5 Amazing Animania Movie Facts

28 December 2017
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Animania 2017
<p>Robert De Niro made his animaited voicework debut in <em>Shark Tale</em>.</p><p>Watch it on Friday 29 December at 20:23.</p>
<p><em>The Good Dinosaur </em>is the first Pixar movie with 3D clouds.</p><p>Watch it on Thursday 4 January at 19:00.</p>
<p>The poster for <em>Ice Age: Collision Course </em>is a spoof of The Martian&#39;s poster, which was released the previous year. Instead of &quot;Bring Him Home&quot; it says &quot;Bring Scrat Home&quot;.</p><p>Watch it on Friday 5 January at 19:00.</p>
<p><em>The Angry Birds&nbsp;Movie </em>marketing also spoofed movie posters including <em>Deadpool&#39;s&nbsp;</em>and <em>The Big Short&#39;s</em>.</p><p>Watch <em>The Angry Birds Movie </em>on Tuesday 9 January at 19:00.</p>
<p>Keep an eye out for Mel the Pug dressing up as a minion, in&nbsp;<em>The Secret Life of Pets</em>.</p><p>Watch it on Monday 15 January at 19:00</p>
Robert De Niro made his animaited voicework debut in Shark Tale.Watch it on Friday 29 December at 20...

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