20 Things You Didn’t Know About the Batman Movies

10 June 2015
Did you know these 20 facts about the Batman movies?

Val Kilmer may not be your favourite actor to have donned Batman's cape, but we think he was a far more realistic choice for the character than Bill Murray or Tom Selleck. Both actors were considered for the role in the ‘80s before it went to Michael Keaton, and as much as they’re legends in their own right, we can’t quite imagine them echoing the line “I’m Batman”.

Because we’re a little obsessed with Batman – and fascinated by all the weird and wonderful facts about the movies – we wanted to share a few with you.

1. Before Tim Burton signed on for Batman, Ivan Reitman – the man behind Ghostbusters – was set to direct.

2. Actors considered for the role of the Caped Crusader include Alec Baldwin, Mel Gibson, Kevin Costner, Charlie Sheen, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Selleck and Bill Murray.

3. The role of The Joker in Batman went to Jack Nicholson, but other actors considered were Tim Curry, Willem Dafoe, David Bowie, Robin Williams and James Woods.

4. Batman Returns originally featured Marlon Wayans as Robin.

5. Actresses considered for Catwoman in Batman Returns included Raquel Welch, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Madonna, Ellen Barkin, Cher, Bridget Fonda and Susan Sarandon. Michelle Pfeiffer was eventually picked, with Anne Hathaway nabbing the role twenty years later in The Dark Knight Rises.

6. Leonardo DiCaprio, Ewan McGregor, Jude Law and Alan Cumming were all considered for the role of Robin in Batman Forever. It ultimately went to Chris O’Donnell.

7. For Batman and Robin, toy companies received advance designs of costumes, vehicles, and weapons and helped develop them in order to create merchandise that would tie-in with the latest instalment

8. Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone and Demi Moore were considered for the role of Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin, which was eventually portrayed by Uma Thurman.

9. Patrick Stewart and Anthony Hopkins were dropped as considerations for Mr. Freeze after director Joel Schumacher decided he wanted to bulk up the character physically - hence his casting of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

10. Christian Bale was the first actor that Christopher Nolan met with about playing Batman.

11. The fake working title for The Dark Knight was Rory’s First Kiss.

12. In preparation for his role in The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger kept a diary that chronicled the Joker’s thoughts.

13. Cillian Murphy auditioned to play Batman. He didn’t get the part, but Nolan liked him so much, he cast him as The Scarecrow.

14. Christian Bale was not allowed to drive the Batmobile.

15. Reese Witherspoon, Rachel McAdams, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Claire Danes were all considered for the role of Rachel Dawes. The role was played by Katie Holmes in Batman Begins. Instead of reprising the role for The Dark Knight she dropped out to make Mad Money and was replaced by Maggie Gyllenhaal.

16. Arnold Schwarzenegger was given top billing in Batman and Robin - over George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell, who played Batman and Robin.

17. After drawing a cowl over George Clooney’s face on the poster for From Dusk Till Dawn, Joel Schumacher decided to cast him as Batman.

18. In The Dark Knight Michael Caine (who plays Alfred Pennyworth in Nolan's Batman trilogy) had a line during the Joker’s gatecrashing of Bruce Wayne's party. However, the actor was so startled by Heath Ledger's appearance that he didn't speak.

19. Aaron Eckhart was cast as Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight, but not before Ryan Phillippe, Mark Ruffalo, Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman were considered.

20. Christopher Nolan was going to include The Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises, and wanted to cast Leonardo DiCaprio. The role never came to fruition, nor did DiCaprio appear in the movie, but he did go on to star in Nolan’s critically acclaimed mind-bender Inception.