Police Academy 3: Back in Training
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Police Academy 3: Back in Training

Police Academy 3: Back in Training

About the movie

Two police officers arrange with sergeants Copeland and Blankes to sabotage the Police Academy, where they graduated rather close to the bottom of their class. However, they have to deal with Mahoney, Hooks, Hightower and Tackleberry.

police academy 3 back in training
Police Academy Characters

Who is your favourite Police Academy cop?

Carey Mahoney25%
Moses Hightower13%
Eugene Tackleberry13%
Larvell Jones13%
Debbie Callahan0%
Laverne Hooks13%
Eric Lassard25%


George Gaynes
George Gaynes
david graf
David Graf
michael winslow
Michael Winslow
steve guttenberg
Steve Guttenberg

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