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The Habits Of Gen Z

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New docuseries starts tonight – Habits of Gen Z

09 November 2023
Influential South African voices discuss generational divides … and common ground.
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Tonight, Thursday 9 November, M-Net broadcasts Habits of Gen Z. The local docu-series will allow viewers to delve into the lives, experiences, and perspectives of South Africa’s Generation Z. Airing at 21:00 on M-Net (DStv channel 101) from 9 November, this five-part series is sure to spark conversation.

Meet the director
Jo Munnik
IG: jomunnik

Munnik is a South African filmmaker and journalist with a career spanning almost two decades. Her work has been featured on international platforms like CNN, BBC, and VICE News and focuses on social change and youth culture from across Africa.  She’s also a mentor to young filmmakers, a guest lecturer, and a dog rescuer. Her diverse talents, linguistic skills, and commitment to storytelling make her a prominent figure in the media industry.

“Gen Z represents authenticity, boldness, inclusivity, and diversity – and it’s exactly these characteristics that will shape the tone of this high production value documentary series,” says Jo Munnik. “In it we open the dialogue across generations and have candid conversations around values, identity, sex, drugs, diversity, the past and the future.”

Meet a selection of the contributors

Part 1: Raised by the Internet

Marlene Wasserman ("Dr. Eve”)
She/her, Baby Boomer
Intimacy trauma therapist. She speaks to how the internet has informed modern-day intimacy and connection.

Cassidy Nicholson
IG: agirlnamedcassidy
She/her, Gen Z
Internet personality, actor, satirist, and award-winning content creator known for her character "Constantia Mom". She discusses career opportunities for Gen Z.

Maps Maponyane
IG: mmaponyane
He/him, Millennial

Television presenter, actor, fashion designer, speaker, model, creative consultant, voice-over artist, philanthropist, and business entrepreneur. He shares his candid thoughts on Gen Z, chats about the role the internet has played in shaping his career, and how he navigates his online identity.

Casey Delport
IG: shy_bxy
He/him, Gen Z
Arts and culture journalist. He talks about Gen Z’s identity, challenges, and misconceptions.

Part 2: Sexploration

Siv Ngesi
IG: sivngesi
He/him, Millennial
Actor, comedian, host, and celebrity. He discusses online dating and evolving dating trends.

Marlene Wasserman ("Dr. Eve”)
She/her, Baby Boomer
Intimacy trauma therapist. She discusses pornography, OnlyFans, online risks, sending nudes, and intimacy.

Khanya Mzongwana and Zaza Hlalethwa
IG: ____khanya and _tlogela.ngwano
She/Her, Millennial and Gen Z

Khanya is the deputy editor of Woolworths TASTE, and her partner Zaza is an arts journalist and writer. They talk about the intersection of queer and cultural identity as well as meeting on Instagram and sustaining a long-distance relationship with the help of the internet.

Candice Modisele
IG: Candicemodiselle
She / Her, Gen Z
Actress, content creator, and social media celebrity.

Part 3: My Identity, My Brand

Penny Siopis 
IG: Pennysiopis
She/ Her, Boomer 

Penny is one of South Africa’s most celebrated artists. For decades her work has dealt with identity in a South African context. She was an anti-apartheid activist and has witnessed many changes in society and their impact on identity.

Robin & Karen Jeynes
She / Her – Gen Z and Gen X
This mother-daughter duo share their deeply personal journey of navigating identity as a parent and child in today’s age.

Aletta De Kock
IG: alettafrancina
She/her, Gen Z
Content creator known as “Tannie Aletta”. She talks about using social media to celebrate Afrikaans culture. 

Part 4: Drugs – Healing or Harming?

Dr Shaquir Salduker
He/him, Baby Boomer
Psychiatrist and director of Pain Clinic Durban.

Dr Jamie Elkon
He/him, Gen X
Psychologist at the Lighthouse Clinic who specialises in the legal use of ketamine-assisted therapy. He talks about how substances such as medicine are changing, including the legislation and use of ketamine.

Megan Hardy
IG: @mama_mycelia
She/her, Gen X
Psychologist and medicine woman, she talks about advocating for the decriminalisation of psychedelics and helping people with combined therapy and medicine.

Part 5: Facing the Future

Lehlogonolo Machaba
IG: Lehlogonolo.Machaba
She/her, Gen Z 
Transgender model and former Miss South Africa semi-finalist. She discusses the intersection of religious and trans identity and her journey.

Leonie Joubert
X: @LeonieJoubert
She/her, Gen X
Science writer. She focuses on environmental and social justice issues, including climate change, energy policy, and food security.

Don't miss the stimulating Habits of Gen Z premiere on Thursday 9 November on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 21:00 – The Home of Entertainment. You can also live-stream it on DStv Stream, and on DStv Catch Up after broadcast. Join the conversation on FacebookXInstagram, and TikTok using #habitsofgenz.

Feature image: Jo Munnik. Photo credit: Rijasolo.