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Devil's Peak

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The women of Devil's Peak

15 November 2023
They will do whatever it takes to survive.
devils peak

Strong, resilient, brave, and independent. Let's take a look at the incredible women of Devil's Peak.

Anna Griessel
Anna is a fierce journalist who seeks answers and wants the voices of helpless victims to be heard. She is also a mother and wife to an alcoholic husband. Her love for Benny is strong but she puts her foot down and lets him know that he needs to change his ways. 

Mbali Kaleni
Mbali is one tough detective who is hungry for success in the workforce. She isn't afraid to stand her ground in a male-dominated police force. She is extremely articulate and able to piece together clues just as well as her co-worker Benny Griessel.

Bonnie is a well-educated and poised lawyer who offers good advice and has a calm approach. She is the only person Thobela can turn to and is like a pillar of strength to him. She is not only book-smart but proves to be quite a medic when she is able to stitch together Thobela's wounds in a public bathroom. 

An independent woman and mother whose worst nightmare came true when her son Jacob was kidnapped. Despite her deep pain, she has the ability to remain strong and as a housekeeper and nanny she has to take care of other children. She seeks justice for her son Jacob and isn't afraid to let her voice be heard by protesting on the streets.

Christine van Rooyen
A mother who will do anything to provide for her daughter and protect her at all costs. Christine is bold, beautiful, and tough. She finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time and is controlled by the evil and powerful Anton Heidt. Despite living through this nightmare, she proves to be brave and does her best to escape his wrath.

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