The evidence never lies!

09 June 2022
The best moments from CSI
grissom and sara from csi

The crime scene is set, every clue is crucial, the collection of the specimens is important, and in the end, the evidence tells a very vivid story. For 15 glorious seasons, CSI has given its avid viewers incredible investigations, and here’s the evidence to prove it.

Grave danger

The legendary Quentin Tarantino was responsible for this adrenaline-fuelled and chilling episode. In it, detective Nick Stokes was lured to a fake crime scene and buried alive by a ruthless killer who had a taste for very deadly games. The CSI team was sent footage of Nick buried six feet under and had to find his location before he bites the dust! The episode in true CSI fashion was filled with twists and turns and kept the audience gasping and guessing. 


Warrick's death

Detective Warrick Brown was meticulous, handled cases with heart, and was easy on the eye. CSI fans worldwide were crushed when the producers decided to have this amazing character killed off. This emotional scene when Catherine Willow encounters Brown's lifeless body on the street is simply hard-hitting, heart-breaking, and made us remember that even the greatest of heroes are merely humans.


Blood droplets

A young Dakota Fanning starred in this episode as a very intelligent and eccentric child who was a victim of a heinous crime. The episode opened up with one of the most intriguing scenes from the show, a young girl and her little "sister" lying in a pool of blood after the rest of the family were brutally murdered. Once the investigation opened, the CSI team tried to carefully piece everything together, and the episode ended with a shocking and disturbing twist that leaves viewers shaken to this day. 


Sara to the rescue

There was no family quite like the CSI family. Amid the blood, dead bodies, and the gruesome investigations, the team always had each other's back. When Greg got gunned down, Sara came to his rescue and the dialogue and emotional moments between them are priceless. True CSI fans can never forget those heartfelt words uttered from Sara to Greg, "I came for you."

Grissom and Sara's chemistry

Over the years, Sara and Grissom gave CSI viewers that unbelievable chemistry, and it took six seasons for them to get a clue and officially get together. Here's that incredible scene of Grissom taking Sara through the evidence, and it's clear that the two were meant for each other from the start. After all, we all know that the evidence never lies!

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