Silweeskerm Billboard 1600 x 800


It’s a hot summer day in suburban South Africa. Mthunzi (18) is on his way back from the supermarket, bags in hand. He happens upon Charity, who is having a seizure. Charity’s niece Patricia asks Mthunzi to help carry her inside. Loadshedding starts, and Patricia requests Mthunzi to watch her aunt while she goes to start the generator. Charity comes to and remembers why she was outside – her dog went missing. She implores Mthunzi to look for the dog whistle. Jesse, Patricia’s brother, enters and thinks Mthunzi is breaking in. Mthunzi tries to explain, but Charity starts seizing again. Mthunzi runs out into the street.

Producers: Tebogo Malebogo and Petrus van Staden
Director: Tebogo Malebogo
Script: Tebogo Malebogo
With: Nala Khumalo, Inge Beckmann, Jamie-Lee Money, Russell Crous
Runtime: 12 min
Language: English
Rating: 13 L