Silweeskerm Billboard 1600 x 800
The Goat 3

iBhokhwe [The Goat]

A boy who has just undergone a traditional circumcision initiation sits in semi­darkness in a simple hut on a hill, far away from the village, as prescribed by the codes of his culture. He is covered from head to toe with a paint made from clay which makes him look as white as a goat. This should be a period of healing, but he is cold and in pain. His grandfather, who is supposed to induct him into his new life, has not yet appeared. The boy’s panic turns to desperation. Ulwaluko is a Xhosa circumcision initiation into manhood. It is believed that the ritual purges boys from any homosexual desires, for which there is no place in the world of adults.

Producer: Elias Ribeiro
Director: John Trengove
Script: John Trengove
With: Thando Mhlontlo, Nkosipendule Cengani, Hlangi Vundla, Mbasa Tsetsana
Runtime: 12 min
Rating: 16 N